Top 10 Beauty Tips for Women

Everyday Skincare tips for Women

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1.) Wash your face when you wake up in the morning.

This will take away any sweat and oil and dirt that has built up over the night. It will also wake you up a bit more as well as give you a glow, but not shiny face for the morning. When washing your face, don’t use normal soap, unless it is specific soap for face washing. This is a mistake that many girls make. Normal soap that we use to wash our hands and body can irritate the pores on the face and help acne and pimples get started. When washing your face, use a special facial cleanser with vitamin C, Vitamin E, and ferulic acid to give your skin an antioxidant boost.
Don’t worry about aggressively removing oil or other matter from the surface. Acne is a problem of excessive oil production and clogs within pores, not a problem of surface obstruction of pores.
Don’t forget SPF 30 mineral-based sunscreen (with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide). Even in winter, the sun’s UV rays can damage your skin.

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