Diamond Toilets

$1.28 million toilet studded with a jaw-dropping 40,815 diamonds.

Gold Supercars

luxury cars are as common as palm trees,

Robotic Police Officers

real-life robotic police officers strut around in malls and popular attractions,

$817 Dollar Ice Cream Scoop

you can buy a scoop of ice cream that costs a whopping $817!

Diamond Nokia Phones

This diamond-covered phone comes with a hefty price tag of $170,000.

Extremely high tennis courts

the rooftop tennis court at Dubai’s Burj al Arab hotel serves up luxury with a view.

        Sailing Supermarkets

Launched in 2018, this unique floating store was the world’s firstv

Boxing On A Rooftop

The Sofitel The Palms Dubai hotel offers a boxing gym experience like no other—on a rooftop.

Designer Trash Bins

Ever thought a trash bin could make a fashion statement.

Million Dollar Wedding Cakes

Only in Dubai, where even your wedding cake can rock its own diamond-studded headdress.